Discover Same-Day Service With Cerec

Our Amazing Technology Is Just What You Need

You're going to be amazed at what can be done in just one day with the technology Cerec has brought to the dental world. It's our pleasure to be the only dental office in the area that has the ability and the capacity to offer you this phenomenal treatment.

With Cerec, you now have a way to get a crown, cap, filling, or bridgework all completed within one appointment on the same day. You no longer have to make multiple appointments for treatment. Contact Jesse Storts DDS now!
Dental Chair

Come in and Experience Cerec

You never have to have another impression or wait for your crowns to be made when you've got access to Cerec dentistry. Let us scan your mouth using computer technology and then create the perfect dental solution for you on-site. You're going to love the difference with Cerec.

Committed to Meeting Your Needs

Whether you need a filling, crown, cap, or bridgework, it's going to be made for you right in our own office out of ceramic. You never have to worry about our staff utilizing metal for your treatments and procedures. You better believe you're always in good hands when you choose us.
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It's our pleasure to offer you all the benefits of Cerec dentistry when you choose us for care.
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